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Adoption Procedure

It’s an easy process!

Our available Yorkies have LOST EVERYTHING—their family—their home—their very name. We care about each and every dog we rescue. We want to be sure that each one finds the best, most caring, most loving, most protective home possible. So we take great pains to make sure those people who are adopting understand how precocious their new companions are. Here is the process, it’s an easy one, but please be patient with us. Here we go!!

Step 1: Complete our adoption application

Step 1: Complete our adoption application Please find the adoption application below

Step 2: Review of your application

To ensure that our dogs are adopted to excellent forever homes, we are very thorough in reviewing each and every application. Please complete all information that is requested on the application.

Step 3: Vet Reference Check

If it is determined that you are a very good candidate, we will call your vet to request his or her opinion of your past vet care for all of your pets. The cornerstone of good pet care is having all of your pets spayed or neutered as soon as possible and all vaccinations should be up to date. Not only up to date, but the pets should be seen at the very least, once a year by their vet for a health checkup. This care is what we are looking for in a new owner of one of our Yorkies.

Step 4: Home Visit

If your vet check comes back with a good report, the next step of the process is to set up a home visit. A home visit is when a volunteer comes to your home to determine it is safe for a small dog. Home visits will be set up by appointment. The person conducting the home visit must fill out our Home Evaluation Form, certify that the information on it is true and be available to discuss the visit and your home with one of our volunteers.

Step 5: Adopt!

Once you have completed and passed the home visit, you are ready to adopt one of our dogs. It will be your responsibility to check back on this website on a regular basis to see what dogs we have and inquire about them when interested. When you see a dog that you think is a match, you can contact the foster mother listed on the Yorkie’s webpage to get more information and set up a time and place for you and the Yorkie to meet to see if he is the right Yorkie for you. Our adoption donations are listed on the Yorkie’s webpage and differ for every do..

Application Form

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