Surrender A Yorkie

Need to surrender your Yorkie?

Thank you for contacting Yorkie Rescue SA.

You may have been thinking and dreading this moment, but now you are sure, you need to let your Yorkie come into rescue.  What is your first step?

Talk it over with us to be sure this is the right choice for your Yorkie and you.  If you may give the dog to a friend, relative or someone you know, please let us know that so we do not make arrangements to take the dog into rescue.

Be kind and think of the dog’s needs — not your feelings.  Can you or your family pay for the care the dog needs? If you give the dog to someone, will they be able to afford vetting for the dog?

Step 1:

Step 1: Go to your vet with your dog and collect all vet records for the dog – we need them. Especially important – we have to have these two particular forms: a Rabies Certificate and a Health Certificate. (Here is a copy of a standard Health Certificate that you can take to the vet when you take the dog in for his check up. Click here to print it out. Health Certificate for your Yorkie./p>

Step 2:


  1. Medication, if any
  2. Food and treats
  3. Crate and/or exercise pens and beds
  4. Harness and leash
  5. Toys

Step 3:

There is a surrender donation of R500 to help cover the vet bill for the necessary vaccinations, microchip insertion, etc. that will be done for your dog.

Step 4:

Step 4:  Send pictures of your Yorkie to

Step 5:

Please fill out the intake form below

Please fill it out completely. Elaborate, tell us everything, explain which are his favorite toys and what he is afraid of. Does he like to be brushed or does he hide under the bed. Once we receive it, we will call you to discuss the surrender. This is important so that we get instructions on feeding schedules, medication instructions and everything we need to keep your Yorkie happy and content.

Yorkie Intake Form

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