Foster A Yorkie

Save a Yorkie’s life by providing that temporary home.

Yorkies lose their homes for all kinds of reasons –  because life happens.  Their owner dies, or goes through a divorce, is deployed in the military or has to move where dogs are not allowed – Yorkies lose their homes and the call comes – a Yorkie needs to come into rescue.

Here is the REALITY

Homeless Yorkies cannot be saved by Save A Yorkie Rescue if there is no temporary foster home available to take them in. Every dog needs a place, a space, somewhere to be loved until a permanent home is approved as a forever home. If there is no place available, no one who cares enough to allow the dog to come to them, to love them temporarily (foster)…. the dog could be killed.

That is a simple fact. Millions of dogs and cats are put to death each year in the United States – at least 25% are purebred – such as Yorkies. If more people took the opportunity to foster, the animals would be safe until a loving home is found who is willing to adopt them permanently. It’s that simple.
If there is a foster, the animal lives to be adopted.

That’s where YOU make the difference to a Yorkie.          You get to love a Yorkie first.

The call for help comes to us every day and WE can’t say yes unless we have you and your home ready for the Yorkie to come into.  Our foster parents save the lives of each precious Yorkie who comes in – without their love, there is no rescue. They don’t say no to us, they don’t complain that their hearts would break if the Yorkie eventually went to a wonderful home that they help to choose. They aren’t thinking of themselves. That is the very definition of LOVE.  Foster homes are the embodiment of LOVE.

If we had more foster homes, we could save so many more Yorkies. Foster homes SAVE lives. Without a foster home, the Yorkie’s life is in danger. That’s how important and urgent – fostering is.

Consider this fact:  If you want to adopt, someone somewhere has to be fostering the dog for you or the dog would not have been able to come into rescue. Like the song says, “They loved her first.”  If they can do it, you can do it.  It doesn’t take a saint or a martyr to save a Yorkie – just someone like you, who wants to adopt a Yorkie but understands that fostering is the best and fastest way to make that happen.
Have a heart!  Offer to foster!   “Love Her First”

Fostering Benefits You as Much as the Yorkie!

1. Test the Waters: fostering is an opportunity to “sample” different Yorkies, and see what it is like to have one if you’re not yet ready to commit forever. Maybe you go to Florida in the winter or on vacation frequently and can’t have a dog of your own.Foster! You get to have a dog and still go on vacation.

2. Entertainment! You’ll never be bored! There is always something to do with your foster from cuddling to playing fetch to teaching the dog to “sit.” You can brush his hair, put a bow in the top knot, and take pictures to show off your foster dog to your family and friends.

3. Be Proud! Getting a homeless Yorkie ready for adoption by giving your love, time, and friendship is such a rewarding feeling! You yourself have saved a life. And it isn’t a cost to you. Save A Yorkie pays the vet bills. If you want to, you can pay some bills yourself and take a charitable deduction on your taxes.

4. Community: make new friends by fostering! It’s a great way to meet new people who care about this incredible breed. We have get-togethers at least twice a year. Wait until you join us at Yorkie Day!  Our volunteers are the best! Passionate, so friendly and inclusive, and someone is always available to guide you when you have questions or concerns. We are a big Yorkie family!

5. Literally save a life! Opening your heart and home is an important part of saving a life. Fostering a Yorkie is the most direct way you can help a Yorkie in jeopardy. NOTHING is more urgent or important than taking one small dog into your home for a few weeks.

6. You are always first in line to adopt your foster dog! Your reward for opening your heart and home is being able to adopt your foster dog. You are always first in line to adopt your dog. Like test driving a car and finding the one that is “just right” fostering lets you know that this little one is just right for your family.

Remember, it’s simple to do and we guide and mentor you – you are never alone. We are with you.

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